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Library and Resource Centre


INDOCERT, an acronym for the Information and Documentation Centre for Rural Technology came into existence during 1985 in the form of a Library in the Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology, which played a dynamic role as an active agent for disseminating useful knowledge and thereby attempting to bring in the attitude of the people.  


The small Library was started with the aim to make it a National Documentation Centre for Rural Technology and as such all the relevant documents were procured in this centre.  Library is a growing organism, keeping in line with this postulate of (Late) Dr. Ranganathan, the Library which started with 500 books, has now a good collection of about 13,500 books and more than 1000 bound volumes of periodicals.  The title were careful chosen from its utility in view of the activities of CAPART with the help of CAPART officials.  The broad subjects of this collection include viz.  Man and Society, Energy and Power, Water and Sanitation, Agriculture including Forestry and Aquaculture, Small Scale Industries, Building Construction, Rural Housing and Health.  Apart from these, many books of general interest and reference are also acquired.




The main objective of the Library is to be a National Centre of Information on Rural Development and Rural Technology.  The Library thus should endeavour to make information needed by its users readily available.  It should also attempt to:


Promote awareness about sources of development and technology information


Provide information to NGOs about Government activities and programs for enhancement of rural poor


Provide opportunities for self conducted education


Provide need based information services to the interested users


Facilitate information search using by computers