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The Consultancy-cum-Guidance (CGC) was established by a great Social Activist and a Community Development Pioneer, Padamshree K.D Dewan in 1984 to promote and catalyze growth in the hinterland by optimizing natural resources management, through the participation of local institutions (Small Farmer’s Association), thus boosting income of the rural poor by enhancing productivity of agriculture.

CGC was established to serve the small / marginal farmers, landless laborers and other disposed classes by creating opportunities for sustainable livelihood, thus providing greater access to better health, education, and other amenities of life in partnership with NGOs, Government Department, Donor agencies and corporate bodies though demons-ration, training and networking. To achieve its objective, it has mainly established for the upliftment of the village level Small Farmers Association (SFA’s). Presently Technology Resource and Training Centre and Village Knowledge Centre are being setup at CGC, Vaishali.

The objectives of the TRTC are:

  • To understand various opportunities, demands and requirements of the market along with the aptitude of trainees so that training is given in the required field to the desired person.
  • CGC ,Vaishlai is providing training in different trades viz. Tailoring and Designing ,Motor Car Driving, Repairing of LMV and Motorcycle, wool knitting, Papad making , Handloom, Dairy, Carpentry, Lac Bangles, Agriculture, Land measurement etc.
  • To demonstrate feasibility of new vocations for better employment opportunities..
  • To enhance the technical, managerial, executional and overall skills of the local NGOs, SHGs and People’s Organization by training and capacity building for effective transferring and better adoption of new technologies in their programme.
  • TRTC conducting both on-farm and off-farm activities.
  • The importance of Vaishali looms large in the Indian Pilgrimage map. Considering the fact, CAPART has taken initiative to build a conducive environment by triggering/mobilizing the rural community to stop open defecation practices and developed Vaishali block as NIRMAL Block in the time bound manner.
  • Under village Knowledge center, the central site will be sent up at CGC Vaishali having one remote end at Serukahin Panchayat. Content will be generated by VO namely NIRDESH and an online interactive session will be mainly focused on education, health, nutrition, infant mortality, safe drinking water and sanitation etc. Capacity building of NGOs will also be taken from the CGC, Vaishlai